Tuesday, June 28, 2011

About Yoga - Discover The Difference

Yoga is the Sanskirt word for "union", and there are few better types of exercise that incorporate every aspect of your body. Yoga originated in India, and has been practiced by people for thousands of years. Yoga integrates every part of your body, spirit and mind to do exercise, though what is traditionally known as Yoga is only a small part of what Yoga really is.
Yoga is a discipline with 8 different aspects, and the exercise portion of Yoga is known as "asana". In Western culture, Yoga is usually used to refer to the exercise aspect of the Yoga discipline, but there is an aspect of spiritual and mental discipline that is usually included in the physical disciplines commonly practiced around the world.
The first aspect of Yoga is the Yoga poses, or the movements of the body that most people think of when talking about Yoga. These poses are designed to strengthen the body, improve balance, increase the flexibility and range of motion, tone the muscles, and increase overall health and well-being. There are a number of specific postures or poses in the Yoga physical discipline, and each of these movements are designed to have the maximum effect on the body and mind overall.
There are two ways of doing Yoga:
* The vinyasa style of Yoga is designed to heat up the body and build strength by performing the motions rapidly one after the other
* The slower style of Yoga is designed to help align the body with the spirit and mind. The slower version of Yoga can help you to master the numerous poses that are included in the physical discipline, which in turn help you build your strength and flexibility.
There are many styles of Yoga, and each teacher will teach according to the style which was taught to him. The poses remain the same regardless of the teacher, but the length of time and concentration required during holding the poses will vary according to each teacher.
Your Yoga practice is what most Yoga teachers will refer to as the experience that you have had during your time of doing Yoga. If you have done Yoga for many years, you will find that your experience with Yoga has constantly been changing, and your body will constantly be strengthening itself and changing to meet the demands of the Yoga physical discipline.
Yoga is one of the best kinds of exercise for anyone to do, mainly due to the fact that there is no impact whatsoever. Anyone who has joint problems, arthritis, knee problems, or medical injuries will find that Yoga is completely tailored to meet the needs of the person doing it, and it can be a great way to exercise regardless of your physical condition.
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Yoga is great for phisio therapy, stress releif and relaxation.

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